A room without a roof

A view of paradise as my eyes lit up attempting to see the whole surrounding, obviously we don’t have this type of season here in the Philippines. But we are blessed to have more sunny cheerful days than rainy gloomy days though sometimes I almost couldn’t believe myself appreciating the gloomy air. Yet I know the reason, it feels like it understands the sadness I am going through when that low point kicks in. Indeed there is a season for everything, but then it is undeniable that we prefer the warmth of the sun and its light.

In this picture, Hoarded Ordinaries shared, what attracts me the most — the orange and red combination of leaves and is my favorite.

Let me share.

Hoarded Ordinaries


Under the bridge



Forget Emily Dickinson’s definition of poetry: the title of today’s post comes from a line from Pharrell Williams’ irresistibly peppy ode to joy, “Happy,” which invites listeners to “Clap along if you feel like a room without a roof.”

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5 Topmost Surprising Benefits of Blogging

Can you survive without sharing your life stories to anyone? Oh, how good it is to talk and share stories and ideas with everyone!

So then, here is the question: Why you choose blogging, what’s so special about being a blogger, or creating a blog? I’m sure it feels like discovering more about yourself; something is defined and filtered within. But the process of making it a habit is not easy, sitting in front of a computer while squeezing and typing down what’s in your mind (especially when you are not used to a virtual setting).

When I finally decided to have my own, keeping my blog alive was the overwhelming part. The battle was winning what I don’t normally do; sometime I stopped and took a break but as I went on it was becoming addicting in a good sense. Finally, I decided to make this a habit.

I’m still amateur in blogging; however, from the recent conversation of experienced bloggers I discovered there are unexpected benefits of blogging: Some could list it up to 20 items, but let me share with you what the topmost 5 benefits I believe are true.

Blogging heals

… and by this it means literally physically and psychologically heals. Some discovered that when they started to blog after the following tragedies in their lives; during this difficult time, blogging allowed them to connect with people in ways that lifted them out of the darkness. And found that the act of blogging lowered their blood pressure during a very stressful period. Writing every day was an important part of healing both their minds and body.

Blogging connects

If you are not the kind of person who has dozens of friends but have few close friends that you have held onto through the years. Yet so many people on the blog have  become legitimate, close friends in such a short period of time. And not just “Facebook friends” but “come over for dinner. When they visit other countries they would meet and showed around their places. It happened all because of blogging.

Blogging defines

Where do you stand on issues in the industry? Is Facebook on the decline or on the rise? What is the best way to measure the success of social media programs? What does Google + need to do to break-out? How do you integrate social media with traditional media? How do small businesses find the time to create meaningful content for the web?

Blogging helps you think through these topics and help clarify— and your business’s positions — on vital industry topics. Blogging gets your mind organized.

Blogging teaches

Many started a blog posts that are incomplete that’s including me. There are times we are thinking about an idea or a theory that we are not sure about. As a blog member as you search for other posts you will learn something and begin to see the world in a broader sense, giving you more answers in any question which you can eventually incorporate to your speeches, posts, and conversation with a group or friends.

Blogging Inspires

You will have ample time to read and explore other world just by reading blogs attached on with pictures, videos, arts etc. As you take blogging step-by-step you will be surprised this will also create inspiration for you to take your personal life and growth into a more organized thought pattern and honed skills.

What about you? Have you started working on your blog? If not I encourage you to think of your blog heading, you will not regret that first step, unless you just stop there and forget about blogging!


Jesus was Forsaken, but He has overcome the world for us to be washed from sin and be forgiven.
The Father’s great love, our only HOPE.

She Does

1. abandoned or deserted.
“a journey into forgotten and forsaken places”

At about three o’clock, Jesus called out with a loud voice, “Eli, Eli, lema sabachthani?” which means “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?”
Matthew 27:46

Our benediction at church yesterday included this verse- when it started to be read I said it in my head and best them to the end, I knew it and had read/heard it many many times before. But this stuck me anew, Jesus cries “why have you forsaken me?” Feeling of abandonment by God. I’m sure there is theological and language interpretations that would be more technically correct then this….

I prayed yesterday, thankful for God incarnate– Jesus gave up His divinity to become fully man so He could understand and relate to my humanity. So I could be in relationship with Him, knowing He understood me.

My thoughts…

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A faceless friend in the light of hope

Maybe the act of admitting openly can help out subside the overwhelming grateful feeling I have now. It had been a long time since I felt I’m talking like a broken record. And I hate myself for causing my friends’ minds and thoughts tortured. I know I need to figure this myself. And those trying times taught me a valuable discipline in mastering my emotions. It took me a long time to get better. Now that I am, I felt like I needed to walk those times when I had to cry a lot, wherever I was.

These words still hang on my very thought: “Take courage, and I will strengthen your heart. All you who hope in the Lord.” Yes, I asked the Lord many times, why do I have to suffer this way? When will this end? A couple of years passed and the emotional storm still keeps coming like the real storms occurring here causing a lot of people lose their loved ones. Mine is always losing the hope of love and then regain only to be blown again. It really took me a while until now.

Today, the only difference is I can face the storm without being blown away. From those times of floundering to regaining my stature made me leave the weaker me. And having a faceless concerned friend sums all that after all the hopelessness and difficulty, no matter how many ears were almost burned. There is still another soul who can help out for you to cross the bridge whole. You may have felt dying at times but sooner or later, yet in time, you’ll discover things are anew. Something beautiful is coming up, the light of hope is alight_of_hope-otherrising.

Going Out

Inside my room I woke up with a heavy heart, and my mind started thinking of those breaking scenes again. Sometimes I cried, sometimes I didn’t. There were times it lightens to cry, but for more intense times  when my head felt like bursting. If hurts were like water in the bottle, mine was not reduced.

Anger and hatred did a lot, crippled by it seemed to be there was nothing to do but cry and hate. Doubling the agony, multiplying the pain. I knew I was helpless in my box of emotions, tossed back and forth like a pendulum. Would I ever find help, would it ever stop, and leave? My heart was dying.

Inside my room, I looked around, held a Book and read it. One moment later, the door opened and heard a voice, “Come, let me show you something. Trust me, don’t‘ be afraid, come.” So I followed Him.

Going out of my room, I saw darkness, but then it turned red. From red there was complete  darkness. I was afraid, but He said ,“Do not be afraid.”

“I know it’s hard, but you can choose. You can let darkness cover  you or release from it. Remember, I died on the cross for your sins to be forgiven. I died so you would also learn to forgive. Don’t let it strangle you. Trust me.” Then, I saw a glimpse of light defeating darkness. Now the atmosphere was full of light. I looked around, and felt his presence.


Before, I couldn’t understand. I couldn’t find him and wander why but I knew the reasons now. Now I understand, He is the ultimate healer of my heart—and His name is JESUS.

There I found myself with the Book I was reading,

a “Be of good courage,
I will strengthen your heart,
all you who hope in the Lord.”

b “Everything will work together for good to those who love Him.”

I cried hard, but this time it’s about asking forgiveness to the Lord, for the lack of trust, and dwelling for someone rather than embracing His Great Love.


a Psalm 31:24

b Romans 8:28

Disclaimer: Photo from bloginthenow.blogspot.com

Not a Detour: Tour to Responsibility

Two years ago, I told myself, “I am resigning”. I said it like a thorn was being removed. It was quite a relief, so i told my close friends about it. I prepared my resignation very well.  A month or two had passed and I still hesitated to hand it over. I never did (now the backup is nowhere).

Changing career is not new and there are various reasons. But this is almost something unknown to an employee who dedicated long years to a company, he or she worked with  after or outside student life. While it is easy for others to think about quitting their job, it is difficult with people who have family to support or sick loved ones at home. A lot of things are to be considered before finally diving into unemployment status. Mine is about my sick mother who was stroked 3 years ago and underwent acute myoma operation after a year that stroke hit her.

It was a storm in our family, but a storm that taught us the value of saving money, preparing health security benefits, applying for a memorial package plan (which offended me at first), running the house clean, cooking (on my side as the eldest) and most of all budgetting (add the medical rehab). Yes, lots of household adjustments has to be done particularly who will pay this bill and that bill.

I can recall how I felt weakened with this idea that our mother won’t be working anymore. It was horrible to think about, because we are used to having our mother shoulder the expenses at home. Now I see I needed to be taught how to finally be responsible with my money, our house, and family.

I‘m speaking in view of the eldest sister. And I agree, most of the time eldest sons and daughters carry more expectations of themselves compared to other siblings. I think this is also what younger siblings expect us to do.  I do not wish to be the youngest or tease them either, but it’s good to have someone older that you can call “Ate” (older sister) or “Kuya” (older brother) in your family. No wonder, sometime in the past I longed to have someone to call Ate or Kuya too.


It has been three years since that storm of challenge came in our family. And I still couldn’t believe that we made it without our mother’s stretched arms. Instead, we made it with our own arms stretched for her and for each other. Of course, those various challenges that every one of us face will not be brought to us if we are not able to surpass it. The Lord is faithful when you trust and commit your ways to His.

I thank the Lord with all the prayer, planning, and preparation, I can now say that “I am ready for resignation”. And hope for the best to explore another field He is leading me.