5 Topmost Surprising Benefits of Blogging

Can you survive without sharing your life stories to anyone? Oh, how good it is to talk and share stories and ideas with everyone!

So then, here is the question: Why you choose blogging, what’s so special about being a blogger, or creating a blog? I’m sure it feels like discovering more about yourself; something is defined and filtered within. But the process of making it a habit is not easy, sitting in front of a computer while squeezing and typing down what’s in your mind (especially when you are not used to a virtual setting).

When I finally decided to have my own, keeping my blog alive was the overwhelming part. The battle was winning what I don’t normally do; sometime I stopped and took a break but as I went on it was becoming addicting in a good sense. Finally, I decided to make this a habit.

I’m still amateur in blogging; however, from the recent conversation of experienced bloggers I discovered there are unexpected benefits of blogging: Some could list it up to 20 items, but let me share with you what the topmost 5 benefits I believe are true.

Blogging heals

… and by this it means literally physically and psychologically heals. Some discovered that when they started to blog after the following tragedies in their lives; during this difficult time, blogging allowed them to connect with people in ways that lifted them out of the darkness. And found that the act of blogging lowered their blood pressure during a very stressful period. Writing every day was an important part of healing both their minds and body.

Blogging connects

If you are not the kind of person who has dozens of friends but have few close friends that you have held onto through the years. Yet so many people on the blog have  become legitimate, close friends in such a short period of time. And not just “Facebook friends” but “come over for dinner. When they visit other countries they would meet and showed around their places. It happened all because of blogging.

Blogging defines

Where do you stand on issues in the industry? Is Facebook on the decline or on the rise? What is the best way to measure the success of social media programs? What does Google + need to do to break-out? How do you integrate social media with traditional media? How do small businesses find the time to create meaningful content for the web?

Blogging helps you think through these topics and help clarify— and your business’s positions — on vital industry topics. Blogging gets your mind organized.

Blogging teaches

Many started a blog posts that are incomplete that’s including me. There are times we are thinking about an idea or a theory that we are not sure about. As a blog member as you search for other posts you will learn something and begin to see the world in a broader sense, giving you more answers in any question which you can eventually incorporate to your speeches, posts, and conversation with a group or friends.

Blogging Inspires

You will have ample time to read and explore other world just by reading blogs attached on with pictures, videos, arts etc. As you take blogging step-by-step you will be surprised this will also create inspiration for you to take your personal life and growth into a more organized thought pattern and honed skills.

What about you? Have you started working on your blog? If not I encourage you to think of your blog heading, you will not regret that first step, unless you just stop there and forget about blogging!


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