A faceless friend in the light of hope

Maybe the act of admitting openly can help out subside the overwhelming grateful feeling I have now. It had been a long time since I felt I’m talking like a broken record. And I hate myself for causing my friends’ minds and thoughts tortured. I know I need to figure this myself. And those trying times taught me a valuable discipline in mastering my emotions. It took me a long time to get better. Now that I am, I felt like I needed to walk those times when I had to cry a lot, wherever I was.

These words still hang on my very thought: “Take courage, and I will strengthen your heart. All you who hope in the Lord.” Yes, I asked the Lord many times, why do I have to suffer this way? When will this end? A couple of years passed and the emotional storm still keeps coming like the real storms occurring here causing a lot of people lose their loved ones. Mine is always losing the hope of love and then regain only to be blown again. It really took me a while until now.

Today, the only difference is I can face the storm without being blown away. From those times of floundering to regaining my stature made me leave the weaker me. And having a faceless concerned friend sums all that after all the hopelessness and difficulty, no matter how many ears were almost burned. There is still another soul who can help out for you to cross the bridge whole. You may have felt dying at times but sooner or later, yet in time, you’ll discover things are anew. Something beautiful is coming up, the light of hope is alight_of_hope-otherrising.


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