A room without a roof

A view of paradise as my eyes lit up attempting to see the whole surrounding, obviously we don’t have this type of season here in the Philippines. But we are blessed to have more sunny cheerful days than rainy gloomy days though sometimes I almost couldn’t believe myself appreciating the gloomy air. Yet I know the reason, it feels like it understands the sadness I am going through when that low point kicks in. Indeed there is a season for everything, but then it is undeniable that we prefer the warmth of the sun and its light.

In this picture, Hoarded Ordinaries shared, what attracts me the most — the orange and red combination of leaves and is my favorite.

Let me share.

Hoarded Ordinaries


Under the bridge



Forget Emily Dickinson’s definition of poetry: the title of today’s post comes from a line from Pharrell Williams’ irresistibly peppy ode to joy, “Happy,” which invites listeners to “Clap along if you feel like a room without a roof.”

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