Being Trustworthy of Trust

Speech Project #3:

How often do you affect others because of trust? Is it from time to time when you’re at home? Well, it’s good to hear and I hope each of us is trusted by our families with matters of high importance. More often how we relate with each of the member of our families will manifest toward our treatment with others. Once we step out from our homes the question is “How about from person to person with various personalities and background?” Can we handle it by thinking of ourselves first? For sure, we can’t.

Whether you are aware or not, we usually face situations requiring us to get out from our comfort zone. We all know it is easier said, because once we try it, there our struggle will start. However, what is the connection between “stepping out from our comfort zone” and “being one who is trustworthy of trust”? The connection is when we choose not to get out from our comfort zone it means we prefer to preserve ourselves. We are complacent with our own strength and with the familiar faces around us. And that is being self-focused or self-centered. When we are self-centered there will be less hearing of the needs and less understanding of other situations. Then there will be more judgmental thoughts and disliking of others who are especially different from you. It will be impossible for them to earn trust.

If you want to have an impact to people around you start from helping them build their trust. You will feel its presence when the relationship is harmonious, when it is responsive. Now, let’s talk about the process and benefits of trust.

When a person starts trusting you there will be transparency. I remember this two-year old baby I met in the church. The time I started approaching her, she was aloof and indifferent. She tightly clung to her mother but it didn’t cause me to give up. Instead, I constantly greet her with a kind and friendly face. After a few attempts, I lifted and carried her in my arms. To my surprise she was quiet and did not cry. Then I walk her outside, while walking, she was bubbling words like she was telling a story. So, I responded like I could understand in a partially bubbled words too. Though I couldn’t grasp the meaning of her language, it felt so reminiscing. However, the most transparent part was when she danced happily before me. Basically, it was the language of a baby. How about with adults? You will know that a new comer adult trusts someone when they start asking questions and respond accordingly. When they tell their personal stories and spend time with you, those are transparency.

So what comes next when truthful transparency is given? You will gain understanding. You will start experiencing how it felt being in their shoes. Otherwise, the lack of understanding will push us to think that we are better than them, that we are of higher value. Sad to say, those patterns of thinking won’t resolve the sickness of our environment, it will even worsen it. But because of understanding you will no longer cling to judgmental thoughts. You will be able to see a person as a victim of circumstances like poverty, substandard education, inequity, less opportunity, loss, harassment, discrimination, etc. It will lead you to discovering the root of all dullness.

In gaining understanding, we will now have the third benefits of trust and that is “appropriate response” or “practical wisdom“. Allow me to be practical here, when we learned that someone is not that good in expressing herself especially in English. What would be your response? Are you one of those who are disappointed or rather show disappointment? Or do you prefer to help this person by encouraging him/her to continue? Or much better volunteer yourself to be a coach and be accountable of her progress? For sure, you don’t want to be a mere talker, you want to be someone who walks the talk. I remember a verse written in the book of 1 Cor. 13:1, “If I could speak all the languages of earth and of angels, but didn’t love others, I would only be a noisy gong or clanging cymbal”. Let’s not forget that love is greater than head knowledge or any skills.

Practical wisdom also includes knowing your own strength and that strength will the source of your response. We need to be properly equipped in reaching  other so we would be of effective help. When we have more gifts, we will have a lot to share to our neighbors. However, strength, talent, and skills are not enough, we also need to have a heart or passion to be consistent.

If we choose to endure the struggle, we will have the final benefit which is growth. There is more than one aspects of growth. The lists are physical, social, emotional, mental, and spiritual. It would be funny, annoying, or unfortunate to see a physically mature adult yet socially, mentally, and spiritually childish. Let’s strive to achieve growth. We need to overcome struggles because later on we will learn and enjoy the benefits of trust. We will be entrusted with bigger and greater things when we are fully mature.

What is you weakest point? Now is the time to reanalyze. We have to face the challenge, let’s be strong and courageous. Being trustworthy of everyone’s trust doesn’t happen in just a snap. We need to move on and give glory to the one who created us. And yes, the truth is we’re just humans, our passion fades away when it’s focused on conditional and waving ground. To where or whom are we going? Who is able to bring back that passion? No one, except the Lord. Why can’t we ask the great unwavering Father of pure passion? Trust Him direct your ways because through Him we will be completely trustworthy.


2 thoughts on “Being Trustworthy of Trust

    • Yeah…as we know most speeches are formed from personal experiences, the same with what others are dealing. I wrote it while also thinking of someone to whom I find it hard to trust, despite knowing each other for a long time. And the funny part was he could relate and liked this post so much..

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